SuperRooms™ – Wakemans assisted Travelodge to implement its new SuperRooms offer to a number of selected city centre hotels and targeted new build developments. Travelodge ‘Super’ rooms offer a higher specification and comfort to both the business traveller and those requiring a higher grade of comfort at a slightly increased room rate.

Wakemans have supported Travelodge to refit this offering across 48 existing hotels and incorporate the SuperRoom requirements into Travelodge’s Tenants Requirements documentation, this includes a complete supplier specification and ordering protocol. Going forward this standard will enable the hotelier to incorporate or add on SuperRooms to its refit and new build programme, helping Travelodge to understand the costs and lead times and propose the most profitable room mix. The TRD specification also assists the Design team and Contractors to efficiently incorporate the offering.

Refurbishment and Re-branding – Wakemans have been assisting Travelodge as Project Managers and Quantity Surveyors to roll out a phased refurbishment programme across its existing estate of operational hotels. From 2013 to 2015 circa. £100m has been spent across 35,000 rooms, our work has included the scoping of hotels, preparation and execution of a budgeted programme of work, to uplift and incorporate the hotelier’s brand standards. Travelodge retains Wakemans on an ongoing basis for their annual refurbishments spend as Travelodge continues to invest in its existing portfolio to maintain its brand standard.

New Bar Café – We have also assisted the hotelier to update its Bar Café specification and branding for existing hotels, refurbishments and new build developments.

Travelodge PLUS – Wakemans have assisted the hotelier to roll out its new hotel format – ‘Travelodge PLUS’, bringing together SuperRooms and the New Bar Café. The Travelodge PLUS brand has been initially rolled out to 7 city centre hotels (2019) and will be incorporated into a number of new build hotels according to the centrality of their location.