We’re delighted to report that senior quantity surveyor/project manager Gerard Belfield is boarding another dog to support its training with Guide Dogs for the Blind.

It’s been 10 months since Gerard got involved with the charity, which is dedicated to helping partially sighted and blind people to lead more independent lives.

After successfully completing the requisite training himself, Gerard helps to socialise the animals and conduct some basic obedience training with them. During the day, whilst he is at work, the trainee guide dog undergoes training with the charity’s official trainers.

Currently, Gerard is looking after a German Shepherd/Labrador mix puppy called Ripley.  The two have been together for just over a week and Gerard reports that Ripley is well behaved but likes to bark!

The first animal to move in with Gerard, a Golden Retriever named Lacy, went on to take up a new role working for a partially sighted individual. Golden Retriever/Labrador cross Gucci came next, and having progressed to the second stage of her advanced training she is well on the road to hopefully becoming a fully-fledged guide dog.