Business Fives

Wakemans has signed up for its second year participating in the Birmingham ‘Business Fives’ football event due to take place on: – Tuesday 19th March 2024 at the Powerleague, Birmingham. Business Fives is a fantastic opportunity for the football community to bond partaking in their favourite sport, competing against local business’s and raising funds and awareness for a chosen charity. This year we will be supporting the charity ‘Prostate Cancer UK’.

Last year we had a great tournament and finished in the Europa league, just missing out for promotion to the Champions league (due to injury and not lack of talent), so this year we are training with a view to going all the way.

The event Is led by Matt McWalter, Andy O’Connor and Steve Allen who are currently busy selecting the final squad from our keen participants and getting them in training for the big event.

Read more about Birmingham Event – Business Fives here.

Go to our Just Giving fundraising page.


March the Month

Alongside ‘Business Fives’ several of us, namely those with little football talent are getting involved with the ‘March the Month’ event organised by Prostate Cancer UK. The aim is to do at least 11,000 steps a day during March. 11,000 represents more than 11,000 dads, brothers, grandads, partners and mates who succumb to prostate cancer every year.

We cannot guarantee that everyone will reach the 11,000 steps a day, but it is the taking part that matters and most importantly supporting the charity.

Good Luck to everyone taking up the challenge. We will keep you posted.

Go to our Just Giving fundraising page.