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Wakemans tailor our service provision in accordance with the Client’s requirements and we aim to exceed their expectations.  Our service provision will greatly depend on the complexities of the Development, its phases and any additional specifications in relation to specific Tenant’s requirements as agreed.

In all matters we will act to manage and galvanize the Developer’s Design and Contractor’s team to ensure the project is delivered to specification, programme and within the agreed parameters of the budget.

We aim to support a structure and procedure for design and construction meetings opening up communication channels between the professional and construction team and efficiently disseminating information regarding the project and its progression.

Our processes and documentation will report, monitor and prompt project actions and will enable review, approval and variation procedures with the team, for example we will establish: Risk Registers, Cost Control Quality Monitoring processes, Variation Enquiries, Change Control procedures, and Programmes of Work.  As well as engagement with the Principal Designer to facilitate health and safety guidance and CDM 2015 compliance throughout the progression of the project to its completion.

The Tenant’s Requirements Documentation (TRD) forms a vital reference and we will review the compliance of Contractor’s progress reports in accordance with these specifications, equally we work with the Developer, Project Manager and Services Consultant collating and distributing the Developer’s Construction drawings and any other information, compiling any comments or queries from the team and referring these back to the Developer.

We will monitor costs, quality and programme throughout the construction phases completing the process with Practical Completion inspections prior to agreement with the Client and handover.  Following Practical Completion the twelve month defects period will allow for monitoring the building in-use, enabling making good instructions during this transition period.

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Dean Watson - Managing Director

Dean Watson
Managing Director

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